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Hide and Show mails automatically after x days in Gmail - Easy steps

Now Gmail lets you to snooze a mail for some days.. i.e., You can temporarily hide a mail from inbox view than make it shown automatically after few days.

Some times, we receive a mail which we want read again after some days, in such times we have to set a remainder or anything else.

But, now we can use Gmail Snooze setup with apps script. 

Redirect when sql server fails

Some time in Linux based (Free) hosting services the server down occurs only to mysql server. But the apache server works well.

In that time if you are using database connectivity in php code, it will expose error message to the end user.

There is a way to hide the error message and redirect the user to alternate website if you want.

Create your CV Online – NetCV

Create your Curriculum Vitae online easily in a professional and innovative way.

Sending your CV via email as attachment is now old way.

Now, create your online Curriculum Vitae / Bio-data with your own web address and publish it. Just send the link to everyone.

Analyze your Curriculum vitae status.

What are the features in online CV?

Virtual Networking – Learn Networking with Only one computer

Virtual Networking

Learn Networking with only one computer!

Do you want to learn yourself networking?

How to learn networking without many computers?

Is it possible to learn Server & client operating systems without having more than one computers?

Yes, it is possible.

With virtual networking you can do it.