Best PC Suite and SMS from PC Apps for Android

Submitted by Karthikeyan on

Most of the time we may feel as nuisance to take mobile and reply to the SMS while using PC. Here, I am listing some best apps to send SMS directly from your Computer to get rid off this problem. 

These apps can be used as File Manager / PC Suite for any Android Mobile.

These works both on WiFi and USB cable, also free and no ads.

1. My Phone Explorer

  • My Phone Explorer software has to be installed in PC
  • MyPhoneExplorer Client from Google Play has to be installed in Mobile
  • Supports Contact Management, Call History backup, Message sending and backup, Group Messaging, Organizer, Tasks, Notes
  • File Manager
  • Screencapture
  • Sony Ericsson mobile OS also supported, any time you can switch to or from Sony Ericsson Mobile OS / any Android OS Mobile
  • Applications management
  • Auto Sync, Backup
  • Supports connectivity using USB, Bluetooth, WiFi
    Download MyPhoneExplorer for PC          |    Google Play MyPhoneExplorer Client

2. SnapPea

  • ​SnapPea for Windows has to be installed in PC or it can be accessed directly from SnapPea portal using Browser
  • SnapPea client has to be installed in Mobile
  • SnapPea web mode supports contact & apps management, messages and photo upload.
  • SnapPea Windows Application supports automatic backups, Apps, Contacts, Messages, Music, Photos, Videos management 

Download SnapPea for PC          |    Google Play SnapPea Client