How to install FoxPro 2.6 on Linux OS (Ubuntu 20.04 | 20.10 | 21.04)?

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We can install any dos programs including FoxPro 2.6 using an emulator. DOSBOX emulator works on different types of Operating systems including Windows, Linux and Apple MacOS. It will work on both 64 bit and 32 bit Operating Systems. 

Steps :

1. Install DOSBox emulator

sudo apt install dosbox

2. Download or copy from your foxpro installation disk - FOXPRO files to DOSBOX folder

Create a folder of your choice to put your foxpro files (e.g. DOSBOX) in any location. 

Extract and copy files to the above created folder. Make sure you do not have any dot or special characters in your folder name. 

3. Install FoxPro

Open DOSBOX emulator, mount C drive as your folder of your choice. 

e.g., MOUNT C \media\karthik\DATA2\DOSBOX

Check your folders exists, using DIR command. 

Now go to the folder, i.e., CD FOXPRO

Now type, INSTALL

After completion of installation, you can launch it by typing FOX in command prompt at location C:\FPD26. 

4. Configure FOXPRO to launch automatically (Optional). 

create dosbox configuration file in your home directory.  

When you launch DOSBOX emulator, you see the prompt, Z:\

Now type the following command to create the config file in your home directory. 

e.g. config -writeconf /home/karthik/dosbox.conf

(Replace 'karthik' with your username in system)

Now open the config file using any editor. e.g. gedit dosbox.conf

Add the following commands (replace the directory location of your choice) 

MOUNT C \media\karthik\DATA2\DOSBOX




(Please note, in line to there is a space before C)

Below is the video tutorial 


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