Check status of receiver mobile before sending sms

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Before sending a sms to a number, we didn’t know is the mobile will able to receive the sms. After sending the sms only we able know the status by seeing the delivery report. There is an trick to check the status of the receivers mobile before sending sms. If you are using SonyEricssion mobile, you are luck you can use an amazing utility namely MyPhoneExplorer.
Download and install this in your PC. Now, you can manage anything in your mobile in computer without touching the mobile.

By using this software you can send your sms to too many numbers at one click. You can also send three types of sms.
1. Ordinary SMS – user will receive it in their inbox, can save, edit, and forward to anyone
2. Flash SMS – user will not receive it in inbox. They only able to read the sms once. It is not saved in their mobile, so they not able edit or forward. – e.g. service messages. You are receiving this type of sms when checking your balance (*111#, *123# etc). Now, this felicity available in some phone models. But by using this MyPhoneExplorer software you can also send this type of messages.
3. Ping SMS – user will not receive any alerts. No messages in their inbox or anywhere. It just like pinging a ip address. For e.g. You can check whether a webiste is up or not, without visiting the site, by entering ping command in command prompt. Same way you can check the receivers mobile status by using this kind of ping SMS.


To send a ping sms go to Messages or Contacts Tab in MyPhoneExplorer then, click new Message tool bar icon and ping sms Icon.
Now, type the recipient mobile number and click the send button.. Soon you will get the delivery report. If you received the delivery report receivers’ mobile is ready to receive SMS. If not, the receiver mobile is not ready. Receiver do not get any alerts for this ping sms you sent.