Creating All in One Windows XP DVD with all Important Applications

Submitted by Karthikeyan on

By using WPI (Windows Post Installer) you can easily integrate all your favourite applications into Windows XP DVD.

Place your applications in the WPI\Install folder and add necessary commands in Configuration window of WPI.


wpi_folderAdd this WPI folder to your Windows XP Source root folder.
Change autorun.inf file to launch WPI Installer at the time of CD inserted. It does not affect Booting with this CD. But, it will show WPI Installer screen instead of Windows Setup screen when the cd is inserted after the installation of windows. Set the ICON path to show WPI Icon instead of windows setup icon.
You can short your applications as you want. But it is preferred to create some categories like SILENT, INETERACTIVE,   REBOOT REQUIRED OR LAST.
You can disable the reboot, by giving proper command switches. But, it is not supported to all the installers. This type of programs will be placed under Reboot Required (LAST) category.
At the same time, not all the installers support silent installation, so we need to give some inputs during the installation. These will be placed under Interactive category.
Keep the installers that support silent installation under the Silent category.
Finally create bootable ISO with nLite.