Dropbox Token Issuer Tool (Revised) for Sharpbox

Since, the Dropbox Token Issuer Tool provided with Sharpbox kit has many issues, I have developed a small application to generate Token file to use with SharpBox API.

Steps to Generate Token File :

1. Download and install the tool from the below link

Download Dropbox Token Issuer Tool for SharpBox

2. Login to your dropbox account and go to developers page

3. Select core API and create a new App

4. Note the App Key and App Secret.

5. Now run the tool


6. Input the AppKey & App Secret

7. Click get authorization URL

8. Now click on the link to open the URL in web browser.

9. Login page may appear if you already logged in, then click the Authorize button. Then you will be get redirected to Don't worry about it.

10. Now click the "Authorization completed, Generate Token" button in the tool.

11. Now the token will be generated and will be saved in a file name SharpDropBox.Token

12. Click open out put folder link to open the file location.

That's all now you can use this Token with ShapBox API.


View a sample implementation here:

Sharpbox API Implementation Sample Source code & Tutorials