Grid Computing - Contribute to Scientific Research

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Are you interested in scientific research?
All the scientific and technological advancements we enjoy today are the result of years of research. Now, anyone can be a part of scientific research. The only requirements are that you have a computer connected to internet.

BOINC,  The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, is an open source software system for grid computing. When this software is installed on an internet-connected computer, it will download data and process it while the computer is idle.

Many scientific problems require huge computing power than can be obtained from supercomputers. The computing power can be increased by connecting several computers with low processing ability. Your computer, when it is idle, can do the processing that will be part of computations necessary for breakthroughs in a variety of fields including Astrophysics, Climataology, Mathematics, Medicine, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, etc.

For example the processing capability of your computer may be used for

Design of Protein Structure

Image Protein Structure

Prediction of Protein Structure


Be a part of Scientific research. Donate your computer’s idle time for scientific research.
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