How to clear run command history?

Submitted by admin on Dec 15, 2009 - 00:00

Opening a program through run command is very easy instead of searching for a program in the long list of start menu.

Some commands:

cmd – Comand prompt

Calc – Calculator

control – Control Panel

winword – MS Word

msexcel – MS Excel

msconfig – System configuration Utility (Startup, Boot.ini, Boot menu configurations)

regedit – Registry Editor.

If we used any commands once, it stays at the drop down menu of the run command window.

Most of us we don’t know how to clear it from the Run command window’s drop down list.

It’s very simple!

Actually the history is store at the following location in the registry.


Don’t worry, no need to enter into the registry.

1) Right click on the start button

2) Choose properties

3) In the startmenu tab click customize

4) In the Advanced tab, there is a list of start menu items

5) Check run command check box

6) Click the clear list button.

That’s all.

This procedure is also used to clear recent items from the start menu, Search history in windows explorer etc.,

If you want a solution to clear all history items inlcuding Browser cache, MS – Office recent documents history simply use ccleaner.