Know your Personality and select best career for you

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Nowadays everyone worries a lot about selecting a best career and study path.

You have surely realized that not everyone thinks, works, or acts like you. It is easy to label co-workers or friends as lazy, crazy, or disorganized when their behavior does not match your expectations, but such name calling rarely helps us understand personality differences.

Before selecting a career, we must know about our interest and personality, else it may become bitter.

Here I found a website that asks some questions to know about our attitude and provides Personality type.

It also suggests the career and study path to choose.

For example My Test results :

Personality type results

EI: 13 out of 17
Extrovert |-------------------------------------------------| Introvert
SN: 11 out of 17
Sensation |-------------------------------------------------| iNtuition
TF: 3 out of 16
Thinking  |-------------------------------------------------| Feeling
JP: 6 out of 17
Judging   |-------------------------------------------------| Perceiving
Your Personality type is INTJ

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(Minimum 50 questions has to be answered)

Type descriptons :

ENFJ: "Pedagogue"
ENFP "Journalist"
ENTJ: "Field Marshall"
ENTP: "Inventor"
ESFJ: "Seller"
ESFP: "Entertainer"
ESTJ: "Administrator"
ESTP "Promoter"
INFJ: "Author"
INFP: "Questor"
INTJ: "Scientist"
INTP: "Architect"
ISFJ: "Conservator"
ISFP: "Artist"
ISTJ "Trustee"
ISTP: "Artisan"

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