More utilities in your Context Menu

Submitted by admin on Dec 01, 2009 - 00:00

Customize windows Context menu

Customize your Context menu (right click menu in windows explorer) as you like by using this software.

It is very useful to every one.

File menu tools is a best software to add many useful utilities in to your context menu (right click menu).


Utilities included in this program are:-

1)      Folder synchronization – Need to everyone to copy and arrange files in system drives

2)      Advanced renamer – Useful to rename files in bulk

3)      Run command prompt from here – useful if your are running many does programs

4)      Change Icon

5)      Split File

6)      Join File

7)      Advanced delete – delete completely

8)      Delete locked file – useful to delete locked files (causes by viruses)

9)      Change Attributes – change read only attributes of a file

10)  Change time – Change file modified date and time without opening the file

11)  Copy path – copies current folder path – useful to put in programs

12)  Copy file name

13)  Register/Unregister dll – Register dll files without using run command

14)  Select elements in explorer by type – useful if you want to copy particular type of a file in a folder

15)  Size folder – Analyze with graphical report size of folders in the current folder

16)  Move to – move a file to different location

Many  More utilities available.

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