Quickly optimize your site for mobile

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Optimize your site for mobile visitors in a few minutes. No need of programming knowledge. There are many services available to do this.  You can easily optimize your site for mobile by using RSS.


It is a free service to create a quick mobile version of your website using your RSS feed. The version of mobile website will be viewable on almost all WAP compatible mobile phone. You can also display your blog as a gallery. Your mobile websites colors are customizable and you will get a mobile website url as http://mippin.com/sitename


MoFuse has been offering a simple way for bloggers and business to easily create mobile versions of their website for quite some time. Bloggers or smaller site owners can use the MoFuse for Blogs, which is a free and easy way to mobilize your website. RSS feed of your website will be used to create mobile web site. You will get a free web address with mofuse.mobi extension. MoFuse premium offers more customizable options. Mofuse also provides a wordpress plugin to automatically redirect to the mobile users to mobile version of the site.


If you did not have RSS feed or if you want to create static mobile website, the best option is choose mobilSiteGalore. It lets you to create your mobile site from a computer or from your phone. It offers some customizations and take advantage of the .mobi TLD. Finally you can host your site in your existing domain or new domain. You can download a zip file (asp, php or html)  with all of your webpages.

Wordpress plugins


It is a superb plugin available for wordpress.org users. Wordpress.com users can also take advantage of WP-toch with the recent addition of mobile themes that automatically makes your site easy to read and access form an iPhone or Android device. This plugin is more robust and even offers backedn features like the ability to set an iPhone Favicon.  It also offers a button to switch between mobile version and full version of the site.

Wordpress mobile Editon

This plugin allows users to easily define what type of devices should be shown a mobile web page. It is created by Crowd Favorite. It comes with his carington mobile theme which is easy on the eyes and also fully customizable. When a mobile user visits your site, this plugin switches the theme to carington mobile theme to the visitor.

You can also view this site in mobile, which uses this plugin.

Wordpress Mobile Pack

It is from dotMobi team and it is a fully customizable suite of tools for mobile web site optimization. It also includes, mobile admin panel, mobile ad support and the option to switch between mobile version and full version of your site.


It is similer to WP Touch but offers more styles your mobile website. It is in beta version.

Wordpress Mobile

This plugin for mobify service which automatically redirects mobile clients to your mobify mobile view page. Mobify is a free service to optimize your website for mobile with HTML & CSS.

Drupal mobile plugin

This plugin is very useful to optimize drupal sites for mobile view. It comes with standard Durpal Garland theme and includes device detection, hooks for adding mobile-specific features and automatic youtube mobile placement. It also includes some features automatic mobile detection, administration block, mobile groups etc.,


It is a service and plugin for Joomla and drupal users to customize a site for mobile visitors.