How to install XAMPP with IIS?

Submitted by Karthik on Jan 09, 2011 - 20:33

How to start XAMPP?
I already installed IIS on my computer. I want to use XAMPP. But it could not start. I think it is conflicting with ports. How to solve it?

Go to control panel --> Administrative tools --> Services --> select IIS Admin --> Right click -->stop this service
Then start the XAMPP control panel . Start Appache, MySql one by one. If you want to know services with conflicting with XAMPP, click the Port-Check button in the control panel of XAMP.

You can change the IIS port 80 to any other port (88).
Go to control panel --> Administrative tools --> Internet Information Services Services --> Expand website --> Right click on the default website --> Change the TCP port 80 to 88.