Server.MapPath() error 'ASP 0175

Submitted by Karthik on Jan 09, 2011 - 20:29

When I copied a website (asp) from virual folder in windows xp to Windows 7 the following error appears..
i.e., Transferring files asp files from IIS 5.1 to IIS 7.5

Server.MapPath() error 'ASP 0175 : 80004005'

Disallowed Path Characters

dbconnect.asp, line 3

The '..' characters are not allowed in the Path parameter for the MapPath method.

Then I found a solution by searching configuration options in IIS manager help system.
1. Open IIS Manager
2. Click the your Virtual folder or Default Website on left pane
3. Now, double click ASP icon in the center Features view
4. Then, change the option Enable Parent path to True
5. Click Apply on Right pane