Virtual Networking – Learn Networking with Only one computer

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Virtual Networking

Learn Networking with only one computer!

Do you want to learn yourself networking?

How to learn networking without many computers?

Is it possible to learn Server & client operating systems without having more than one computers?

Yes, it is possible.

With virtual networking you can do it.

In virtual networking, you can install and configure many operating systems in each Virtual machine. You can also run more than one operating systems at the same time, each OS in each virtual machines.

Required software:-

Virtual Box

Any Base operating system (It may be Windows XP or Linux)

For complete list of supporting platforms see:

Hardware requirement:-

P4 or Dual Core processors with more than 2.00GHz

1 GB RAM (recommended 2 GB RAM to run Windows 7 or Vista)

If you are using 512 MB RAM, you can also use this with low performance.

Create new virtual machine.

Then attach the created Hard disk.

Then you can start your virtual machine.

Boot in usual way using CD ROM.


To boot with CD ROM you need to change settings to mount Host CD Drive.

Then set the network settings as internal network.

See with picture illustrations at my another blog

Same way create multiple virtual machines.

For e.g. Windows 2003 & Windows XP to Learn Windows 2003 server configuration with client as windows XP.

Now, you no need to having two computers to learn networking. Just with you one computer you can configure anything such as Active Directory services, DNS Service, DHCP Service, Application server etc.,

All working very well as you feel as seperate systems.


You can connect Windows XP virtual system to server using Active Directory services and you can also setup DHCP.