Computer Typing Test for Postal/Sorting Assistant Exam

Paper II of Postal / Sorting Assistant Examination is conducted to evaluate your typing skill. This gets more importance because it is a must need skill for day to day works in Post office. Almost all the post offices are computerised and the postal assistant's work is always on computer. 

This test is of qualifying in nature i.e, you have to fulfill the minimum qualification in this test and final merit will be prepared based on the marks secured in Aptitude test only. But if you can't qualify typing/data entry and even if you get full 100 marks in Aptitude test you will be disqualified for selection.

Computer Typing Test Information :

Total Duration : 30 minutes

Part I - 15 minutes - Data Entry 

You have enter the given manual data (printed copy) in computer form, such as Customer Name, Address, City, Pincode, Amount etc., 

15 to 20 records may be given, you can navigate between records. Accuracy is more important.

Part II - 15 minutes - Paragraph Typing

You have to type the given paragraph text (printed copy, 450 words aprrox.) in system. 

So you have to practice for speed of 35 wpm. If time remains, it can be utilized for error checking.

Speed & accuracy is important.

Tips for success:

  • Type carefully and fast, practice well. 
  • Spaces, fullstops, comma, special symbols etc., also count for error. i.e, if you have added extra space or left a fullstop or comma, this also will be considered as mistakes. So do the entries without any mistake
  • If you have finished earlier, throughly check for mistakes.
  • There will be a threshold for number of mistakes (not mentioned exactly in the current recruitment notice). When I did this exam, maximum 10 marks provided, 5 marks for Data Entry, 5 marks for paragraph typing. In each type of question, if you have more than 5 mistakes, then your score will be 0 other wise you'll get full 5 marks.

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