How to backup or transfer Gmail account e-mails without downloading?

Submitted by Arun NA on Sep 30, 2015 - 21:36

My Gmail inbox is full. Now I want to transfer Emails to another account and want to delete it. 

I won't able to download 17 GB of e-mails in Gmail account.

Is there any way to transfer to another Gmail account or any other E-mail account?


Oct 02, 2015 - 16:26

There is no possibility for

There is no possibility for transferring or backing up e-mails from one Gmail account to another Gmail account currently without downloading it.

But, you can create Microsoft's e-mail account and transfer your e-mails to e-mail inbox. also provides similar features like Gmail.
In additon you can import all of your Gmail account e-mails to email account.

Create an account then,
Go to settings (gear icon) in, click on 'Import email accounts', select 'Google', then login and authorize the access.

Then, e-mails import process will happen at server side, no need to download and no band width issue.

If you like you can continue to use as your primary mail account, even you can receive / send e-mails on behalf of your Gmail ID.