Login form with Timeout

Creating a asp login form which expires after particular time..
File 1 : login.asp
To show a login form. It creates a session variable t1 and sets the value to the current time (the page requested time)

  1. span style="color: #cc0000;">"GENERATOR""Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0""logtest.asp""text""uname""password""pword""SUBMIT""t1"

File 2: logtest.asp
To process the input from the login form. Time from session variable t1 is checked with the current time in server.

  1. span style="color: #cc0000;">"uname""pword""t1""GENERATOR""Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0""S""Sign in form Time out <br/> <a href=login.asp>Try Again</a>""""""Enter your Username & Password <br/> <a href=login.asp>Go to Login Page</a>""admin""pass""loggedin""uname""Hi,""uname")&"<br>""You have sucessfully logged in""Username or Password Incorrect! <br/> <a href=login.asp>Try Again</a>"