Revolution in the way of messaging - Google Allo Artificial Intelligence

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Google Allo has been discontinued by Google on March 12, 2019

Recently Google has released beta version of its new messaging platform Google Allo - a whatsapp alternative.

Is it just a whatsapp clone?

No, importantly it is built with Artificial Intelligence which suggests you to type replies quickly. 

It needs more improvement, but as of now it is really awesome. 

Special features of Google Allo over whatsapp:

1. Stickers

2. One Touch Reply & Auto suggest feature

Respond to the messages without typing. Even you can reply quickly from the notification bar with just one touch. 

3. Google Assistant 

Are you feeling bored, just chat with Google Assistant. It make you feel better. cool

4. Play games alone or with your friends

You can play chat games with your friends within the conversation window.

Just call google assistant in your conversation window.

@google games

5. Share and watch youtube videos.

Call google assistant in between conversation to search and display the video you like. Both your friend and you can enjoy watching. cool

@google Youtube search-term

6. Search near by places, Get location, Plan party 

You can search near by places, location information and also you can schedule a party or meeting while chatting with friends. 

7. Private chat

Use Ignito mode to chat privately. Set expiration to your chats and & do fight in chat happily. 

Get Google Allo for Android - Google Play Store

Get Google Allo for iOS - Apple itues

Google Allo has been discontinued by Google on March 12, 2019