Virtual CD/DVD Drive

Submitted by Ramakrishnan on


CD / DVD ImageMany times, we have to test the downloaded CD image file before writing them to CD. If we are compiling a bootable disc or any other CDs, first we have to test the functionality.

There are lot of applications available in the Internet,  to provide the function of virtual CD / DVD drive., i.e., mounting CD / DVD image files without writing them to physical disks. But, the Magic Disc is a freeware, also it has the following features

Magic disc is a best freeware Virtual CD / DVD drive application.

1.       Number of CD / DVD drives configurable

We can set no. of CD / DVD drives, also mount different images on different drives at the same time.

2.       It can mount most of the image formats ISO(Standard ISO Image), NRG (Nero Image Format),UIF (Universal Image Format)

3.       We  can rip audio CD

4.       Burn a MP3 Audio or Video CD to a image

5.        We can create unattended Windows2000/xp/2003  installation cd

6.       We can create and test the image files for Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2003 all in one installation DVD before writing them to CD

Currently this application is known as MagicISO, and it is a shareware version. Previous freeware version is available in the below link