FTP Server and Client in Java

Simple FTP server and Client Console Application in Java
Compile and run server and client in the separate window.
FTP Client prompt 3 options, 1. Send 2. Receive 3. Exit.
Select Send option and provide full path of the file to be sent. For e.g. D:\test.txt
Select Receive option and provide full path of the file to be received. For e.g. D:\test.txt
Use this program in LAN

FTP Server program

  1. span style="color: #006699;">java.io.*java.net.ServerSocketjava.net.Socket"FT server started on port number 5217""Waiting for connection..""FTP Client connected..""File not found""Ready""File Received Successfully""N""File not found""File Already Exists""SendFile");
  2. option="Y""Y""File send Successfully""Waiting for Command ...""GET""\tGET Command Received...""SEND""\tSEND Command Received ...""DISCONNECT""\tDisconnect command Received ..."

FTP Client program

  1. span style="color: #006699;">javajava.net.Socket"""Enter File Name:""file not Exists...""File not found""File Already Exists""file Already Exists.want to Overrite(y/n)?""y""Y""N""Sending file...""Enter the name :""File not Found""File not found on Server ...""READY""Receiving File ...""File Already Exists. Want to Overwrite(Y/N) ? ""N""[Menu ]""1. Send File""2. Receive File""3.Exit""\n Enter Choice :""SEND""GET""DISCONNECT"