Convert Currency in Number to Words - MS Access

We may require currency in both number & words in MS Access Reports. Here I am giving a easiest way to implement this. This artice is extension of my previous blog post Convert Currency in Number to Words (Indian Rupees)

Note : Screenshots may differ for your Access Version, If you have any queries, comment below. 

1. Go to Database Tools Tab in MS Access, click on Visual Basic 

2. Right click on Modules, select Insert -> Module

3. Copy and paste the VBA code from the following link. 

Download Number to Rupees VBA Code

4. Save and Close the Visual Application Window.

5. Create a table, and report of your choice.

6. Add a Text a field in report where you want to convert the number to words, set Control Source propery to the currency conversion formula.

For example in my report sum of amount field need to be converted to words. 

I have added a text field named AmtInWords and set the control source property value to the following formula.


MS Access reports


Download Sample Access Database 


Update 02/03/2017 : 'Rupee/ Rupees' word added as prefix, 'Only' word added as suffix.